Free Buy To Let Courses

Buy To Let

This course will provide you with the ins and outs of the Buy-to-let strategy. From affordability all the way to tax.

An Introduction to Buy-to-let

This video will provide you with the information you need to succeed with the Buy-To-Let property strategy. This traditional method of investment has been tried and tested and consistently shows a great return on your initial money invested.


Dealing With Estate Agents

When it comes to Estate Agents, knowing when, how and why to position yourself correctly is extremely important to ensuring the smooth journey through a sales process. Learn some of the key steps to success we have learnt through our extensive experience within this field.


Generating an Infinite Return

Learn how to structure a deal to provide an infinite return whilst pulling the initial capital investment out of a deal so you can repeat the process multiple times.


Secrets to Success in Property Flipping

Learn the tricks of how to make property flipping work. We have outlined the key factors you should consider when looking to increase the value of a property as well as the pros and cons for each method.


Securing a Property

Ensuring a property is secured correctly is one of the most important steps in completing on an investment property. In this video we will teach you how you can secure a property and protect yourself from both lost time and finances.


Using an Agent to manage compared to Self-Manage

Knowing when to get assistance from an agent or when to self-manage is not always clear. This video will lay out your options giving you an understand of when and why to use each method.


What is an Off Plan property?

Find out how off plan properties work and how you can position yourself to gain a great return on your investment by sourcing the right deal.


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