Free HMO Courses


Houses of multiple occupancy is a popular investment strategy, increasing the income from a single property, increases your returns. This course will take you through the merits of HMO's and how you can become a HMO expert in time.

A guide to HMO Licensing

A HMO is a fantastic way to gain a high rental yield. In order to ensure you are operating your investment legally, you need to keep informed about the regulations specific to your investment area. We have compiled some of the common licensing tips all investors should make themselves aware of.


An Introduction to HMO

Find out how you can maximise your return on investment with a House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO). As opposed to a regular buy-to-let, a HMO can bring much greater rental yields than traditional ways of investing in property.


Learn the figures in a HMO deal

A HMO is a great opportunity to gain high rental yields, provided you know your figures. At Sourced we value ourselves on our due diligence, a major part of this is knowing your investment projects and managing the deal correctly.


The difference between Article 4 and Licensing

Understanding the regulations in place for each investment strategy is paramount. HMOs can be a minefield if you do not know the correct legal structures behind each project. This video will explain when and why licensing can be required for the running of a HMO.


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