Free Newbie Courses


We have handpicked some of our training videos to create a training course for new property investors providing an overview of strategies, tips, pros and cons. If you are looking to invest in property, then this is the course for you.

An introduction to Property Metrics and why you need them!

Gaining reliable metrics as part of due diligence should be on every investors to-do list. This video will help you understand what data you should analyse and how you will benefit. From benchmarking techniques to relevant datasets, this video will provide you with the investment knowledge you will need to conduct initial research on your next property deal.


Property Research and Due Diligence

Every property investment should be built on a solid foundation of data backed research. Knowing what to look for, where to find it and the things to avoid are all vital to ensuring your investment is safe and reliable.


Reviewing your resources

Reviewing your resources is vital to staying on track with your property investment goals. This video will teach you what you should be monitoring and why it is important to keep track of your current position so you can take the right steps forward with your journey.


The Sales Process from Offer

Understanding the process of a sale from start to finish is the fundamental knowledge block to getting a deal over the line. Do you know what the process consists of and why it is important to follow each step correctly? Watch this video and find out!


Types of Funding

When it comes to funding, investors have a wealth of options available to finance their next project. Whether you are cash rich or have no personal funding available, there are structures you can use to raise the capital needed to start your property adventure.


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