Free Peer 2 Peer and Crowdfunding Courses

Peer 2 Peer and Crowdfunding

Learn about the different ways you can invest with Peer 2 Peer and Crowdfunding platforms.

A Guide to Property Crowdfunding

Learn about Property Crowdfunding and how people are making huge returns on their investments with this video provided by Sourced Property. Crowdfunding gives an individual the ability to earn great profits regardless of the initial amount of capital they invest.


An introduction to the Crowdfunding process

Learn how crowdfunding works and why it can be such a great investment opportunity for you. Unlike most property investments, crowdfunding allows you to invest in property which much less capital than typically required.


Crowdfunding vs Peer 2 Peer

This video will help you understand both the pros and cons of Crowdfunding and Peer 2 Peer lending. Equity and Debt both provide a different opportunity to the investor and this should be clear before making any investor choices.


What is Peer 2 Peer Lending

Discover how the debt based Peer 2 Peer lending structure works for both a borrower and an investor to make a win-win situation for all parties involved.


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