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Rent 2 Rent

Learn how to gain a solid and reliable passive income through the Rent 2 Rent investment strategy. From analysing and sourcing right through to managing, this course will provide you with the knowledge required to get up and running with your own Rent 2 Rent deals.

An introduction to Rent 2 Rent

Learn about the basics of the popular Rent 2 Rent property investment strategy. We have provided the steps you should follow to maximise your investment with tips to ensure you gain the most from any property using this strategy.


Analysing a Rent 2 Rent Location

Analysing a rent 2 rent area prior to investing is a vital step every investor should take as part of their initial due diligence. Knowing what you should be researching is key and this video will give you the exact knowledge you need to get started.


How and Where to Find Tenants

It's important to have a fast and efficient process for finding and securing tenants in all Rent 2 Rent investments. This video will provide you will the knowledge to find tenants in both a cost efficient and reliable way.


Rent 2 Rent Legislation

When it comes to legislation, you want to have the right amount of knowledge. This video will teach you about the different legislation in place which should be considered when finding your own Rent 2 Rent deal.


Sourcing Rent 2 Rent Opportunities

When it comes to Rent 2 Rent, sourcing is the very first step an investor should take to begin their journey. If this stage is not completed correctly the whole deal is at risk of failure. Learn how you can source the right deals and how to spot those which aren't!


The difference between Article 4 and Licensing

Understanding the regulations in place for each investment strategy is paramount. HMOs can be a minefield if you do not know the correct legal structures behind each project. This video will explain when and why licensing can be required for the running of a HMO.


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