Ep 15 - What Makes Our Property Training Different?

93% of people who go on big training courses never apply what they learn. So, what makes the training we offer different?
At Sourced, we offer so much more than just a training course. Our franchisees receive on-going support from day one to make sure they are on track to achieve their property goals.
Tune in to find out what makes our training unique and discover why we've become the largest professional property sourcing network in the UK.

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Ep 14 - Sourcing Property Part-Time - What Approach To Take

Property sourcing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking to start their own businesses, thanks to the huge earning potential it offers paired with the flexibility to work to your own schedule.
In this episode, Paul answers the most commonly asked questions from people considering to become a property sourcer, which include:

  • Can I do sourcing on the side while keeping my day job?
  • Can I earn enough to quit my job?
  • How long will it take to replace my income?
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Ep 13 - All About Rent to Rent Properties

In this episode, we discuss why landlords are reluctant to let their properties out to tenants with disabilities and what can be done to change this situation. We then focus on the main topic, which is investing in property using Rent to Rent strategy.

In this episode we will cover:

  • Different types of Rent to Rent properties
  • The benefits this strategy offers to investors
  • How to get started with Rent to Rent
  • The income this strategy can generate
  • Securing a good margin
  • Our tips
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Ep 12 - The Fastest-Moving Property Market In Britain

Edinburgh has been named the home of Britain's fastest-moving property market and in this episode we explore:

  • Why do property transactions in Scotland take much less time than in England
  • What benefits does the Scottish property market offer to investors
  • What are Home Reports
  • and more!

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Ep 11 - All About Sourcing Property Online

Online property sourcing continues to evolve, with property portals introducing new functionalities and new data sources emerging all the time.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The most effective ways of sourcing online
  • Why we're no longer reliant on what agents put on property portals
  • How to use the keywords functionality on major portals effectively
  • Alternatives to property portals
  • and more!

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Ep 10 - 10 Ways To Source Property Offline

With so many ways to source properties online, it's easy to get caught up sitting behind the screen and forget about alternative methods.
In this episode, Paul shares his top 10 ways to source property offline, focusing on thinking outside the box, sourcing leads for deals and building relationships.
The question is: are you motivated enough to go out there and take action?

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Ep 9 - Women In The Property Industry

The property industry is known to be male dominated, but thanks to more women choosing to follow the property career path, this is now changing.
In this episode, we interview 4 women in property to learn about their views on the shift in demographics, the ups and downs of their property journeys and their advise for women wanting to start their careers in property.

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Ep 8 - All About Peer To Peer Investing

Peer to Peer Investing offers better interest rates than savings accounts and allows to generate a hands free return.
In this episode, you will learn what exactly Peer to Peer is, the risks involved and the difference between using it to invest in charities, businesses and properties.

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Ep 7 - How To Generate BMV Property Leads Through Chain Breaking

Chain Breaking is a very effective way of finding Below Market Value properties, whether you're a property investor or sourcer.
In this episode, you will find out what Chain Breaking is, how to use it to generate BMV property leads, what to do to ensure you move quickly when an opportunity comes along and how to automate the process of BMV lead generation.

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Ep 6 - How To Generate An Income By Packaging Property Deals

Deal packaging is a very common and profitable practice in property investing. In this episode of All About Property Sourcing, Paul explains how to quickly generate an income by packaging deals that you can sell on to other property investors.

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Ep 5 - Setting Goals And Targets

Tune in to find out how to avoid being gazumped in property and what to do when it happens to you, learn all about setting goals and targets and get our goal setting template to help you achieve your goals.
Got any questions? Email us at podcast@sourced.co

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Ep 4 - Q&A - All About Property Sourcing

In this episode of All About Property Sourcing, Paul Rose answers questions sent to us by our listeners.
If you have any property sourcing questions send them in to us at podcast@sourced.co and we will try to cover them on the next episode.

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Ep 3 - How to Add Value to Your Property

In this episode, we explore different ways to add value to your property.
Listen to find out what to consider with each strategy, how to choose the right one depending on the property type and how to maximise your return.
Got any questions?
Email us at podcast@sourced.co

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Ep 2 - From Military to Property

This episode starts the series hosted by Paul Rose - 'All About Property Sourcing'.
Listen to Paul interview one of our franchisees, Rob Moloney, who shares his property journey so far.
Rob got into property investing after he quit the army and quickly realised how exciting and rewarding this industry can be.

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Ep 1 - No Money Down Property Deals

In the first episode of the Sourced Property Podcast, we talk about the latest news in the industry, 'No Money Down' investments and the importance of your Power Team.

Got any questions?
Email us at podcast@sourced.co

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