Marketing your Property Deals Offline

Sourced North London / April 24, 2019

These days it feels as if everyone is online and using social media. However, like the proverbial dinosaur or two out there, there are still millions of people picking up on offline marketing too. So, it makes sense not to rule out traditional techniques for promoting your property deals. Here are some of our favourites...


UK Property People: Where to find them

Sourced South London / April 22, 2019

If you’re interested in buying property in the UK, but live overseas, then you will probably be doing most of your research online. But where are the best places to meet people in the industry via internet resources and social media? Well, we’ve made a list of some of our own personal favourites below.


How to set up a Business in the UK from Abroad

Sourced South East / April 19, 2019

If you’re considering setting up a property business in the UK, then there are certain financial formalities to come to terms with. Not least, this includes tax, setting up of bank accounts and dividends. Today's blog will look at how to overcome these financial formalities as efficiently as possible.


The Development of Sourced

Stephen Moss / April 18, 2019

I meet a lot of people that introduce themselves as property developers and let’s be honest, whether their project has been a refurbishment on a two-up two-down terraced or a block of 20 apartments, then they have earned that title. They have gone through the highs and the lows that all property developers have.


Why Invest in Havering

Irene & Michael Agunbiade / April 18, 2019

Havering is a borough based in Outer London, on the east side, with Romford recognised as the main town in the area.


Starting a UK Business from Overseas

Sourced North West / April 17, 2019

Considering starting a property business from overseas? In Today's blog we'll tell you everything you will need to know including: research, infrastructure, business culture, global tax, business partners, building relations, legislation, where to invest, property management, exchange rates and exit strategies.


Accounting Software and Auto Functions

Sourced South West / April 15, 2019

When it comes to accounting for your property business, there are ways to make it easier. And no, we don’t mean hiring an accountant. Today's blog will take a look at different accounting software and auto functions to help make your accounting life easier.


All About Capital Renewals

Sourced Midlands / April 12, 2019

In a nutshell, capital renewal in property investment is when you replace a feature of a building. The reason for this is usually because it’s no longer functional. Today's blog will look at the requirements a repair must be meet in order for it to fall under capital renewals.


A Guide to Chain Breaking in Property

Sourced Scotland / April 10, 2019

A property chain involves a number of property owners being ‘linked together’ in terms of buying and selling each other’s property. Today's blog will look at the reasons why property chains get broken as well as how chain breaking (saving) property strategies work.


Communications through Technology for your Property Business in the UK

Sourced North East / April 8, 2019

Lack of communication can be frustrating, particularly in business. But there shouldn’t be any excuse for it these days – even if you do live thousands of miles away from your partner/s. Today's blog will look at how to communicate and do business remotely.


Finding Investors

Sourced North London / April 5, 2019

When it comes to finding investors for your property sourcing business, where should you be looking? Well, there’s quite a few avenues to venture down – both online and offline. Today's blog will look at both options to help you find out what will work best for you in the future.


How to Overcome a Language Barrier when Investing in the UK

Sourced South London / April 3, 2019

Getting to grips with a foreign country’s legal, economic and cultural systems can be difficult enough, but often the biggest nightmare is the language. So, if you’re from overseas and keen to invest in UK property, how do you get around that problem? Today's blog will show you how.


Deciding Where to Buy in the UK

Sourced South East / April 1, 2019

When it comes to buying investment property in the UK, location is everything. Right now, average property values in London and the South are falling, whereas ‘up north’ yields are pretty impressive. Today's blog will look at what investments are being made in different areas of the UK.


Payments on Account Explained

Sourced North West / March 29, 2019

If you’re self-employed, then you’ll be subject to Payment on Account. This is a HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) term, which involves paying your tax bill twice a year – at the end of January, and then similarly at the end of July. Today's blog will look to further explain payments on accounts.


One Small Step for Sourced, One Giant Leap for Regent Plaza

Stephen Moss / March 29, 2019

So it’s official we are on site in our latest development, Regent Plaza Manchester. Well in honesty we started on site three weeks ago, but I got the opportunity to visit the site yesterday with the project management team to see the demolition taking place. Read the full blog to see how it went.


A Guide to Property Finance and Funding in the UK

Sourced South West / March 27, 2019

If you’re looking to buy an investment property in the UK and have the financial clout to buy it with cash, then congratulations! Alternatively, you may need to borrow some money after putting down as much of a deposit as you can afford. Today's blog will look into UK mortgages to ensure you're fully informed before making a decision.


Foreign Exchange for Overseas Property Payments

Sourced Midlands / March 25, 2019

Foreign exchange rates notoriously fluctuate, meaning that if you don’t keep on top of them, then you could stand to lose thousands of pounds. And, when you’re investing in property in the UK, you’re already talking about sums of hundreds of thousands of pounds. So, how can you make sure you’re getting the best foreign exchange rates?


Exit Strategies for your UK Property

Sourced Scotland / March 22, 2019

When planning your long term business goals, you should have a plan for each decade, and where you want to be by the time you expect to retire - this is also known as an exit strategy. In fact, you should be seriously considering this exit strategy, even if you’re just starting up your property business. Today's blog will look at different exit strategies and the pros and cons that come with them.


Tips for Choosing your Joint Venture Partners

Sourced North East / March 21, 2019

The best Joint Venture partnerships are like ‘a match made in heaven’. It’s a coming together of two investors (or more) with perfectly complementing skill sets. Today's blog will help you find your perfect joint venture partner by giving all the attributes you should be looking for in your potential future partner.


Business Relief to Mitigate Inheritance Tax in Property

Sourced North London / March 18, 2019

Business Relief can be an excellent means of reducing the amount of Inheritance Tax your beneficiaries might have to pay on receipt of your assets in the event of your passing or during your lifetime. Today's blog will look at different rates of business relief and what assets qualify as well as how to be in the property investment sector and still qualify for relief.


Top Tips for Investing in REITs

Sourced South London / March 15, 2019

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a single company or a group of companies which rent out and manage property in order to reap profits for its shareholders (investors). The property a REIT invests in and manages could be residential, commercial or industrial. In today's blog we share our top tips regarding REIT's.


All About Wear and Tear Allowance

Sourced South East / March 13, 2019

Wear and Tear was an allowance that landlords with furnished rental property could use annually to offset the cost of replacing furniture, white goods and other ‘moveable’ items. Today's blog will look at how the wear and tear allowance has changed as of April 6th 2016 and the impacts this has had.


Why Invest in Dunstable

Andrew Culverhouse / March 12, 2019

Dunstable is a growing market town to the west of Luton in Bedfordshire. As the name suggest, Dunstable is one of many towns in the country that have built up around a market. Read the full blog to find out what makes Dunstable such a great area for investment.


Collecting Rents – Direct Debits & Standing Orders

Sourced North West / March 11, 2019

If you’ve just started out in the property business, then you might not be thinking about hiring an accountant, choosing instead to save money and do your own books. If that’s the case then, be warned, as it can prove a time-consuming endeavour – unless that is, you follow some of these tips designed to save you some time...


Registering as an overseas company in the UK

Sourced South West / March 10, 2019

Any company from overseas – with the exception of partnerships and unincorporated bodies - looking to do business based in the UK must register their details with Companies House. Today's blog will look at how to register in order to business in the UK as well as the benefits of doing so.


Why is the Care Home Market Worth Investing In?

Sourced Midlands / March 8, 2019

It’s no secret that people are living longer these days. And that means more residential and purpose-built care facilities will be necessary to house and look after them. Today's blog will look at why the care home market is worth investing in for this reason as well as many others.


Top Hands-Off Investment Strategies (part 2)

Stephen Moss / March 8, 2019

Continuing with our article on the best way for overseas investors to get involved with UK property, here are some more of our team’s favourite and most popular strategies ranging from buying off plan to crowdfunding.


Unnecessary Yet ‘Worth Considering’ Property Insurance Extras

Sourced Scotland / March 6, 2019

For many landlords, letting out a property and receiving monthly rent may be your sole income. So, it makes sense to protect any investment by taking out insurance right? Today's blog will look at property insurance extras which may be worth considering depending on your circumstances.


Large Refurbishments - A Guide for Aspiring Property Developers

Susan De Mey / March 3, 2019

A large refurbishment is more or less a total makeover of a property. A small-scale version involves perhaps adding an extension or re-roofing, but with a large refurbishment, you can probably expect to be doing all of these things. Today's blog will look at how to carry out a large scale refurbishment as well as tips on how to do so.


The Importance of Record Keeping for Accounts

Andy Smith / March 2, 2019

There are a multitude of reasons why it’s so important to keep your accountancy records on track. For starters - and for the sake of your sanity - always attempt to update your property investment accounts regularly. Today's blog will look at a multitude of other reasons why record keeping is so important.


Sourced Takes Over Prestigious Manchester Site With Planning For 525 Homes

Emma Riley / March 1, 2019

The investment group Sourced, the largest property investment network in the UK, have today announced the acquisition of a £150M development site known as Regent Plaza Manchester. Read the whole article to find out more about this excellent opportunity.


Top 10 Mistakes Made by Property Developers

Sam Ballard / March 1, 2019

Today's blog will cover the top 10 mistakes made by property developers. Those who are just starting out in property development and refurbishment would be well advised to read this article. Because if there’s anyone who is potentially going to make the following mistakes, it’s you!


A guide to REITs - Real Estate Investment Trusts

Astrid Glover / February 28, 2019

The acronym REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. Today's blog will explain Real Estate Investment Trusts in more details as well as looking at their pros and cons. We will also cover how to go about investing in Real Estate Investment trusts is you choose to do so.


Everything you Need to Know About the Wear & Tear Allowance

Everton Brown / February 28, 2019

Prior to it being abolished on April 6, 2016 the Wear and Tear Allowance was a means for landlords to ‘write off’ a certain amount of their net income for tax purposes. Today's blog will talk about how wear & tear allowance has changed over time how this has impacted Landlords.


Trusts and Inheritance Tax

Lucy Gaskell / February 27, 2019

If you’ve worked hard at setting up a successful property investment business over the last decade or so, then the last thing you’ll want is for a huge chunk of it to go to HMRC in the event of your death. Therefore, today's blog will explain why using a property trust may be the more beneficial option for you.


Invest in Property with Not Much Cash

Alun & Julie Gold / February 27, 2019

If you’re keen to get involved in the potentially very lucrative world of property investing, but don’t have much cash to begin with, then don’t despair. There are ways of doing it without actually having to put up much to begin with. In Today's blog we decided to share some of our favourites.


How Trusts can Benefit you as a Property Investor

Mush Fazel / February 26, 2019

A trust is a fund you contribute money, shares or property to and which will usually be paid out to a named beneficiary on the event of your death. In today's blog we will look at the role of the trustee, the benefits of a trust and the types of trusts available.


What is Tax Liability?

Matthew Russell / February 26, 2019

Tax liability is the money you must pay to the government, specifically Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on any profits made from your property business in the UK. Today's blog will look into different tax liability, how capital gains are taxed and over or under-paying tax.


Networking in Property – SIN Sourced Investor Network

Gosha Doubtfire / February 25, 2019

Following our recent success of launching Sourced Investor Network Events across the UK, in today's blog I wanted to look at why networking is is a vital ingredient in your business/career growth. Furthermore, I will break down the specific benefits networking provides.


Presenting Your Property Deals Online

Chris Richardson / February 25, 2019

Once you have a fantastic property deal to present to a prospective investor, you’ll have to set up a meeting to present it to them. But how do you do this if you can’t get together in person? This is a regular occurence many investors face. Today's blog will explain how to present your property deals online to overcome this issue.


Capital Growth vs. Rental Income

Vijay Kumar Sharma / February 24, 2019

Capital growth is the amount of money that your property accrues as time goes on. The longer you have the property for, the more capital growth you’ll get. This is in comparison to rental income which provides small payments of rent per month rather than an accumulation of increased value over time. This blog will look at the benefits and drawbacks of both capital growth and rental income.


How to Collect Rent more Efficiently

Andy Smith / February 23, 2019

Rent is the monthly income you collect from tenants for living in your property. It’s what most landlords – unless they are lucky enough to have bought the house or apartment outright – use for their monthly mortgage payments. In today's blog, we look at the different methods of collecting rent and why different methods will be more efficient that others depending on the situation.


How Business Property Relief Impacts Inheritance Tax

Graham Cossey / February 23, 2019

Business Property Relief (BPR) is a means of passing on your investments (in terms of company shares or assets) to your family and/or close friends without them having to pay inheritance tax on your death. Today's blog will look at who qualifies for BPR as well as the benefits and risks of the strategy.


What is an Exit Strategy and Why Have One?

Mike Hill / February 22, 2019

An Exit Strategy for an individual is a plan for him or her to leave their business. It could be that this will be achieved when they finally retire, or, as is more likely the case these days - thanks to the government increasing the pension age - planning to retire earlier. This blog will look at the importance of having an exit strategy.


Small Refurbishments Through Joint Venture

Simon Shaw / February 21, 2019

Small refurbishment projects can prove to be the perfect Joint Venture deal. If you’re skilled at renovations or sourcing properties, but just starting out in property investment, then you probably won’t have a lot of spare cash to spend on buying properties to do up. A wealthy time-poor friend or property investor may though. Today's blog will look at how to successfully carry out a small refurbishment through a joint venture.


What Type of Exit Strategy is Best Suited to you?

Jan Murray / February 21, 2019

There are a number of different ways an individual can exit their business. Some of them are planned, others – such as liquidation or illness – unpredictable. The type of Exit Strategy you choose will depend on various factors. Today's blog will look at the different types of investment strategies to find which one best suits you.


The Power of Social Media for Your Property Business

Jonathan Daniels / February 20, 2019

Social media is a tool which all property investors, sourcers, property managers and, in fact, anyone who has business interests in the property sector should be utilising. It’s mostly free after all – certainly it’s a far less expensive way to promote and market your business than taking out adverts in newspapers, or organising for flyers to be posted. In today's blog we will look at the benefits social media can have on your property business.


Could Care Homes Prove the Perfect Investment?

Irene & Michael Agunbiade / February 20, 2019

People are living longer in most developed nations around the world; the UK being no exception. As a result, care homes are experiencing a ‘boom’. The main reason for this is that there just isn’t enough public sector funds to cope with the care and attention our elderly population requires at this point in time. Today's blog looks further into why care homes are becoming increasingly more attractive investments as well a how to benefit from this.


The Importance of Record Keeping

Malcolm & Adam Corcoran / February 19, 2019

Keeping on top of your business accounting is an essential part of being in business. It might also help boost your profits. This blog will look at the importance of record keeping as well as tips to ensure you do so successfully. Tips include: Backing up files, Using apps and separating personal and business accounts.


Problems with Property Management Companies, and How to Overcome Them

Susan De Mey / February 19, 2019

Property management companies can come in handy for any landlord, especially those who are really busy. However, what isn’t fair is when the property management company you hire doesn’t pull its weight, isn’t transparent enough or simply doesn’t come across as trustworthy. This blog looks at the issues with Property management companies and how to overcome them.


What is a Real Estate Investment Trust?

Haaris Nizam / February 18, 2019

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a group of companies – or even one individual company – which invests in a portfolio of properties on behalf of shareholders in order to earn them profits. Today's blog will look further into REIT's as well as covering the benefits and potential risks.


Why Invest in New Build Properties?

Chris Hames / February 18, 2019

A new build is, as the name suggests, a property which has recently been built (and no one has lived in it). It can be an apartment or house and be completed, still in construction or even still at the basic planning stage. This blog will look at the benefits of investing in a new build property as well as possible pitfalls to look out for during the process.


The Most Profitable Property Strategies

Jamie Side / February 17, 2019

Not all property strategies are high earners - one strategy may work well for one individual, but prove to be an utter disaster for another investor. Today's blog looks at three high earning property strategies, one of which is for the full time property investor whilst the other two accommodate for those who may work in another field.


Reading: An introduction to Property Metrics

Adam Vickers / February 16, 2019

Metrics are essential to every property investor. They provide a way to analyse current and future investments. The outcome from this analysis will invariably help inform the decision-making process i.e. buy or sell a property. This blog will look at different different metrics that can be used to help in the decision making process.


Rent to Rent Refurbishments

Peter Donoghue / February 15, 2019

Now that you’ve decided on your rent to rent refurbishment strategy, how do you make it work? Well, today's blog will provide some advice and tips that will help turn newbies into experts in no time at all. Advice includes requirements a R2T property must meet as well as how to minimise spend to maximise returns.


New to property? Learn to focus…

James Miller / February 15, 2019

There are so many possibilities in property. This is a good thing, but also a challenge for any property ‘newbie’. The property sector is a noisy place, full of people talking about different strategies, offering training for a million courses and championing the next best thing. This blog talks about the importance of focus in the property industry and five tips on how to achieve it.


The Power of Joint-Venture to Get a Deal Done

Sam Ballard / February 14, 2019

The beauty of setting up a joint venture is that it can provide you with additional cash with which to invest, as well as knowledge. And often the more cash you have, the bigger the potential profit. In this blog we will look at the benefits of setting up a joint venture, where to find a partner and what to be mindful of.


Top Offline Methods to Research the UK Property Market from Overseas

Abid Mirza / February 14, 2019

It seems like everything is online these days. Most of us turn to Google whenever we want to know something. And yes, the internet is great for instant access to knowledge, but there is still value in offline resources when it comes to property as today's blog will explain.


Serviced Accommodation for Newbies

Elizabeth & Sam Coffie / February 13, 2019

Serviced Accommodation is a short or long-term rental apartment which is similar to a hotel, in that it provides similar services. In today's blog we will explain serviced accommodations further, as well as looking at the different types of serviced accommodations and how to get started with each.


Presenting Your Property Deals Offline

Dorka Horvath / February 13, 2019

So you’ve sourced a property ideal for refurbishment at a bargain below market price, considering its current state. You even have an investor in mind. But how do you go about getting that investor equally as enthusiastic about this great deal as you are? Read on to find out.


Top Property Metrics and Analysis Software

Mike Hill / February 12, 2019

When it comes to investing in property, there are a number of metrics you can track. These let you know whether or not that proposed deal of yours is as attractive as it appears on paper. Today's blog looks further into different types of metrics to help explain their value.


A Steep Learning Curve

Andrew Culverhouse / February 12, 2019

Having had a desire to get into the property industry for some time, I decided at the end of last year to join Sourced. Once I was confirmed as a Sourced franchisee, I attended the training they hold for new franchisees. Having not spent any time in a classroom since leaving college in the late 90s, I knew that it might be a bit of a shock to the system...


Why Invest in South West London

Susan Jacobs / February 11, 2019

In February 2019, there were 430 properties for sale in Streatham and 270 homes in Stockwell. The average time for a property to sell in the former was 185 days and in the latter 142 days. This blog will analyse South West London in more depth to show why the area offers such a great investment opportunity.


All About Planning Gain

Rich Travis / February 11, 2019

Planning gain is the money made from buying land, which has become more profitable because it has been granted planning permission. This blog will look at the ins and outs of planing gains to help you become a property expert.


Why Invest in Glasgow

Phil Gordon / February 10, 2019

Glasgow is the city which will lead Scotland’s economic growth over the next few years. That was the announcement from the EY Scottish ITEM Club 2019 Forecast towards the end of last year. It predicted the west coast city’s GVA will be 2.6 per cent this year – compared to the Scottish average of just 1.3 per cent. This blog will explore more reasons why Glasgow provides such an excellent investment opportunity.


We All Start Somewhere

Rebecca & Darran Slater / February 9, 2019

Back in February 2004, I attended my very first property auction in Derby, hosted by the estate agent Bagshaws, at Derby County’s Pride Park Stadium. This blog takes a look at my journey in the property industry so far, particularly where I started.


Why Invest in East London

Louise Sharpe / February 8, 2019

In today's blog we look at the reasons why East London offers such a great investment opportunity. Wapping has been hailed a buy to let hotspot, with rental yields of around 4.9%. The average rental for the area is around £546 per week and average apartment costs approximately £578,205. Renters tend to be young professionals employed in the finance or media industries in Wapping and Canary Wharf. View the full blog to find out more reasons East London is a great area to invest in.


Property Sourcer – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Gosha Doubtfire / February 7, 2019

Having been in the sourcing industry for a little while now, I wanted to address the elephant in the room. Does this sound familiar? ‘I have secured a fantastic deal for you, property Y is valued at X, which is X% BMV, your refurb costs are X and your ROI is XXXXXX%’ Wow - where do I sign? Right? Unfortunately, not always. If you’ve not come across this, then please do go ahead and stop reading, but being in property long enough you will have. One thing to take from this? Question everything.


Basic UK Rules and Regulations in the Property Industry

Elizabeth & Sam Coffie / February 6, 2019

Buying property differs between countries – considerably, in some cases. Between Scotland and England, for example, the house bidding and buying process is different. Even when you’ve successfully bought it, there are legal implications to consider, especially if you’re considering altering the property by adding on an extension or converting the loft etc. The following blog gives a taster of some of the basic rules and regulations when it comes to investing in UK property.


Why Invest in East London

Nadia Khan / February 5, 2019

The average house price in East London at the beginning of the year was £396,931 - higher than the average house price for England as a whole, which was £247,914, according to the Land Registry Office last October. Flats were the most popular type of property in the area. In this blog we look at the wide array reasons why you should invest in East London.


Investing in an Assisted Flip – Ethical, Smart And Profitable

James Miller / February 4, 2019

A win-win situation is the rarest of results. It’s a deal that works well for everyone, where all parties leave the table with their objectives fulfilled and a sense of a job well done. There is one little known investment strategy, which above all others strives to deliver a win-win situation. At Sourced, we call this strategy the Assisted Flip...


SDLT on Additional Residential Homes

Katherine Bianchi / February 2, 2019

Since April 2016, Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) has been due on second homes in the UK. Referred to as the Higher Rates on Additional Dwellings (HRAD) for tax purposes, it’s due on all second homes which are valued at £40,000 or more. This blogs explains the tax in more detail and also covers exceptions to the HRAD rule.


Top Online Methods to Research the UK Property Market from Overseas

Keith Wilkinson / February 1, 2019

These days it feels as if all we want to know is at the touch of a button (Google, that is). Certainly, there are some excellent online resources to search for property and information on the UK property sector. The following blog shares some of our favourite ‘go to’ sites...


How to Find Your Next Ideal Off-Plan Investment

Elizabeth & Sam Coffie / January 31, 2019

An off-plan property is an apartment or house for which there are plans, but no building. The dwelling could also be half-complete or even finished, but can’t be lived in yet (perhaps because other apartments in the building are still being worked on). This blog looks at how to find your next ideal off-plan property investment.


Tips for Choosing an Accountant in Property

Mush Fazel / January 31, 2019

Property businesses are crying out for reliable accountants. Not only are they able to advise you on whether or not your profit and loss account can ‘take’ your investment of another buy to let - essentially that same accountant will be able to advise you about where tax comes in to play. This blog will look at how to find an accountant, the qualifications you would want your accountant to have. and how much they should be costing you.


All About Title Splits

Chris Richardson / January 30, 2019

Title splits are, as the name would suggest, splitting (or dividing) the title deeds of one building. As a result, that one property becomes two, three or four etc. In this blog we look at the best type of properties for a title split strategy as well as delving deeper into some of the complexities of the strategy.


What Basic Insurance Does Your Property Business Need?

Jan Murray / January 29, 2019

Insurance is an area that every individual involved in property (particularly as a business) should think very carefully about. This blog will look at landlord and property investor insurance and why your property business may need them.


Why Invest in Cheltenham?

Graham Cossey / January 28, 2019

Keen to help young people and families remain in Cheltenham where property prices are above the national average, the local council has recently received investment of £100 million to build 500 affordable homes over the next three years. Read the full blog to uncover more reasons why Cheltenham is such a great investment opportunity.


Why Invest in Barnet?

Everton Brown / January 27, 2019

Property and regeneration are major buzzwords in Barnet, where the majority of investment is being privately funded (rather than socially via the local authority or housing associations). A massive 27,000 new homes are to be built by 2025. This blog will look into the other reasons which make Barnet such a great investment opportunity.


Why Invest in Derby?

Rebecca & Darran Slater / January 26, 2019

According to the official Derby Marketing Bureau website, Derby has been on the receiving end of £4bn of investment within the past decade. This in itself makes the city the UK’s second fastest growing economy. This blog will look into many other factors which make Derby such an excellent investment opportunity.


Why Invest in Exeter?

Susan De Mey / January 25, 2019

In 2019 more than £300 million is planned to be spent on redeveloping Exeter town centre. Funded by the council, the reshaping of the heart of the city will include housing, retail opportunities, offices and restaurants. This blog will uncover the other reasons that make Exeter an investment hotspot.


Option to Tax Explained

Andy Smith / January 24, 2019

An Option to Tax arises only with commercial property or land, and when you decide to sublet it or sell it on. It would mean being able to reclaim all the value added tax (VAT) on the purchase of the property and land, as well as any professional costs and ongoing expenses. This blog will explain when you should and shouldn't consider "opting for tax" as well as how go about the process.


How Can Financial Advisers Help in Property?

Astrid Glover / January 23, 2019

As your property portfolio expands you’ll have more assets on your hand, meaning your life will likely become much more complicated financially. That’s where a financial adviser could be worth their weight in gold. This blog will look into the benefits of a financial adviser in the property market.


Financial Advisers - What Do They Do?

Lucy Gaskell / January 22, 2019

A financial adviser aims to make sure you invest your money to suit your lifestyle plan. He or she can help you better understand your finances and suggest different financial products to match both your short and long-term targets. In doing so, they can help you draw up a lifetime financial plan. This blog will look further at what financial advisers do, especially in terms of the property market.


A Commercial to Residential Property Strategy

Mike Hill / January 21, 2019

This blog will look at the benefits of turning commercial property to rental property as well as what types of commercial property to look out for.


Why Invest in Swindon?

Malcolm & Adam Corcoran / January 20, 2019

Swindon, in Wiltshire, was named as the location most people wanted to move to, according to online estate agent Emoov, following a survey they carried out in April 2018. This Blog will look at the reasons why Swindon is so popular with home owners and investors alike.


Why Invest in Uxbridge?

Vijay Kumar Sharma / January 19, 2019

There are many reasons why Uxbridge has started to become a popular location for investors. An example of this is the Israeli property investor was quick to see the buy to let potential when he paid £43 million for ownership of a 148,000 ft² office campus in the town. Read the full blog to find out more about why Uxbridge is such a great place to invest.


Limited Company vs. Sole Trader vs. LLP

Chris Richardson / January 18, 2019

Increasingly more landlords today are opting to become a limited company or limited partnership as opposed to being a sole trader. In many cases, this makes sense – especially for those currently sitting in the higher tax bracket of 40%. In today's blog, we outline all three options and how they differ for tax purposes.


Why Invest in Croydon?

Matthew Russell / January 17, 2019

Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson dubbed Croydon the ‘Economic Powerhouse of South London’. And, certainly, recent regeneration cash of £5.25bn will change not only the physical aspect of the town, but also the way it is perceived in future. This Blog looks more into why Croydon is such an investment hotspot which looks to become even more appealing to investors as time goes on.


How to make the most out of relationships with agents

Jan Murray / January 16, 2019

There may be a proliferation of property portals online selling and letting out properties, but the estate agent is still the person nine times out of ten that you have deal with in order to get through to the seller. That’s why building up good relations with a handful of local estate agents in your chosen location is crucial for success. This blog will look at how to get the most from your estate agent contacts.


Our Tips for Online Sourcing

Ryan Brown / January 15, 2019

If you’ve already tried a little sourcing online, then you’ll be aware that property portals and websites change regularly. Such is the fast-moving state of technology these days, that new features are added almost daily. As far as online sourcing goes, this is fabulous. Why? Read on to find out more.


How to be a Goal Master

Mike Hill / January 14, 2019

The beginning of the new year is the best time to write down your property goals for 2019. Goals are an important part of any property sourcing business. This blog will look at how to set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.


Income Tax and Your Property Business

Adam Vickers / January 13, 2019

All landlords are obliged to pay income tax on the amount of money they receive from renting out their property, provided they make a profit in doing so. This is the money left over once any expenses and tax allowances are accounted for. In this blog we will into what-apart from rent- is taxable, tax rates for rental income and calculating tax for a portfolio of properties.


Commercial to Residential Opportunities in Leicester

Sam Ballard / January 12, 2019

Commercial property applies to any type of building where a business is located. This could be an office, retail outlet, gym, hairdressing salon, hotel, warehouse, movie theatre etc. One of the most common forms of commercial into residential property conversion is the shop with a flat above. But offices too are regularly converted into residential accommodation. In this blog we look further into commercial property sales, permitted development rights and much more...


Different types of services accommodation

Alun & Julie Gold / January 11, 2019

One hands-off property investment strategy which you’ll regularly hear banded about in property market circles, is that of the hands-free services accommodation. The hands-free part means no direct involvement for the investor, and the services is where the tenant is provided with much more than simply a roof over their head and regular maintenance checks (as in a buy to let). This blog will look into different types of services accommodations.


Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPPs)

Peter Donoghue / January 10, 2019

Changes to the state pension scheme in recent years, together with a growing number of self-employed individuals, has seen a huge rise in the popularity of personal pension schemes. this blog will look at how SIPP's work as well as how to invest in property via SIPP. Read the whole blog to find out more...


Different Types of Serviced Accommodation

Keith Wilkinson / January 9, 2019

For those not in the property business, it’s common to think of serviced accommodation as upmarket apartments complete with concierge and extras, like laundry and cleaning services, as well as parking provision. But in reality, the term covers much more than that. Here are some of the different types of serviced accommodation around to invest in today, along with a brief explanation of each...


VAT Notice 708

Jonathan Daniels / January 8, 2019

If you’re planning on carrying out property renovations or converting a building from commercial into residential use (or vice versa) in the near future, there is a good chance you may be able to claim by VAT. Read the full blog to find out more!


Hidden Gems Of The Property World

Nick Sheehan / January 7, 2019

It’s the New Year, and we’re back in the office, ready and raring to go. 2018 was certainly an interesting year. All the noise around Brexit seemed to create market shifts, but on the ground things are still moving with the same volume, if not slightly faster.


Should I Invest in Property or a Pension?

Stephen Moss / January 7, 2019

It’s that age old for conundrum for financiers: should you put your money into a pension - or property. For most of us who got into property investment some time ago there’s no contest. It’s property every time. Why? Well, read on…


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