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The Importance of Record Keeping for Accounts

Andy Smith / March 2, 2019

There are a multitude of reasons why it’s so important to keep your accountancy records on track. For starters - and for the sake of your sanity - always attempt to update your property investment accounts regularly. Today's blog will look at a multitude of other reasons why record keeping is so important.


How to Collect Rent more Efficiently

Andy Smith / February 23, 2019

Rent is the monthly income you collect from tenants for living in your property. It’s what most landlords – unless they are lucky enough to have bought the house or apartment outright – use for their monthly mortgage payments. In today's blog, we look at the different methods of collecting rent and why different methods will be more efficient that others depending on the situation.


Option to Tax Explained

Andy Smith / January 24, 2019

An Option to Tax arises only with commercial property or land, and when you decide to sublet it or sell it on. It would mean being able to reclaim all the value added tax (VAT) on the purchase of the property and land, as well as any professional costs and ongoing expenses. This blog will explain when you should and shouldn't consider "opting for tax" as well as how go about the process.


Limited Company vs. Sole Trader vs. LLP

Andy Smith / January 2, 2019

Increasingly more landlords today are opting to become a limited company or limited partnership as opposed to being a sole trader. In many cases, this makes sense – especially for those currently sitting in the higher tax bracket of 40% (or who are about to be pushed into it, thanks to the government’s slashing of relief on mortgage interest expenses in the summer 2015 budget). Here. we outline all three options and how they differ for tax purposes.


Finding a UK Business Partner From Overseas

Andy Smith / December 12, 2018

Thinking about investing in property based in the UK while you’re living overseas? Then it makes sense to team up with a partner – one who actually lives in this country.


Blocks of Flats – Invest or Not?

Andy Smith / August 22, 2018

This blog looks into the pros and cons of investing in a block of flats.


Red or blue, you’ll never invest alone

Andy Smith / April 27, 2018

Liverpool is one of the finest cities in the UK, with areas that are UNESCO protected and an architectural diversity and maritime history that are arguably without equal in England. This blog looks further into what makes Liverpool an investment hotspot for property buyers and investors alike.


How to Source Great Student Investments in Liverpool

Andy Smith / April 27, 2018

Liverpool is renowned for many things: its cultural history, its UNESCO protected world heritage sites, the football, the humour and you can now add students to that list. With a population approaching half a million and 42% of that number being under 30, Liverpool is a prime investment area. Rather than make broad brush strokes about property in the city, we thought we’d zoom in metaphorically on one sector: Liverpool’s student population.


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