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A guide to REITs - Real Estate Investment Trusts

Astrid Glover / February 28, 2019

The acronym REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. Today's blog will explain Real Estate Investment Trusts in more details as well as looking at their pros and cons. We will also cover how to go about investing in Real Estate Investment trusts is you choose to do so.


How Can Financial Advisers Help in Property?

Astrid Glover / January 23, 2019

As your property portfolio expands you’ll have more assets on your hand, meaning your life will likely become much more complicated financially. That’s where a financial adviser could be worth their weight in gold. This blog will look into the benefits of a financial adviser in the property market.


Finding contractors overseas

Astrid Glover / January 4, 2019

Living or working abroad can make it difficult to manage a property, as well as finding skilled tradesmen. It’s bad enough when you’re actually in this country and seeking an experienced, decently-priced individual who can make themselves available as soon as possible, rather than a month down the line. this blog will discuss the viability of tradesmen referral websites,why you should always use accredited traders as well as hire a local letting agent.


The Importance of Networking in Property

Astrid Glover / November 29, 2018

Depending on how sociable you are, the prospect of a networking event can either seem overwhelming, or be a welcomed break from your computer. Whatever your feelings are towards networking, it’s pretty much essential for your property business.


What is a true Below Market Value Property?

Astrid Glover / August 23, 2018

This blog discusses what a true below market value property is as well as how to identify and find them.


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