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How Can Financial Advisers Help in Property?

Astrid Glover / January 23, 2019

As your property portfolio expands you’ll have more assets on your hand, meaning your life will likely become much more complicated financially. That’s where a financial adviser could be worth their weight in gold. This blog will look into the benefits of a financial adviser in the property market.


Finding contractors overseas

Astrid Glover / January 4, 2019

Living or working abroad can make it difficult to manage a property, as well as finding skilled tradesmen. It’s bad enough when you’re actually in this country and seeking an experienced, decently-priced individual who can make themselves available as soon as possible, rather than a month down the line. this blog will discuss the viability of tradesmen referral websites,why you should always use accredited traders as well as hire a local letting agent.


The Importance of Networking in Property

Astrid Glover / November 29, 2018

Depending on how sociable you are, the prospect of a networking event can either seem overwhelming, or be a welcomed break from your computer. Whatever your feelings are towards networking, it’s pretty much essential for your property business.


What is a true Below Market Value Property?

Astrid Glover / August 23, 2018

This blog discusses what a true below market value property is as well as how to identify and find them.


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