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Presenting Your Property Deals Offline

Dorka Horvath / February 13, 2019

So you’ve sourced a property ideal for refurbishment at a bargain below market price, considering its current state. You even have an investor in mind. But how do you go about getting that investor equally as enthusiastic about this great deal as you are? Read on to find out.


Corporation Tax Explained

Dorka Horvath / December 19, 2018

Just as an individual pays income tax, a company is liable for corporation tax. This is the case for any company operating in the UK – regardless of whether or not the individual resides abroad. This blog will look further into corporation tax and whether it is more desirable than income tax depending on the individual.


Why Invest in crewe

Dorka Horvath / November 21, 2018

There aren’t many towns in the UK named after its railway station - Crewe being a notable exception. Once again it’s the railways that are about to make this town wealthy again – this time in the form of HS2.


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