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Networking in Property – SIN Sourced Investor Network

Gosha Doubtfire / February 25, 2019

Following our recent success of launching Sourced Investor Network Events across the UK, in today's blog I wanted to look at why networking is is a vital ingredient in your business/career growth. Furthermore, I will break down the specific benefits networking provides.


Property Sourcer – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Gosha Doubtfire / February 7, 2019

Having been in the sourcing industry for a little while now, I wanted to address the elephant in the room. Does this sound familiar? ‘I have secured a fantastic deal for you, property Y is valued at X, which is X% BMV, your refurb costs are X and your ROI is XXXXXX%’ Wow - where do I sign? Right? Unfortunately, not always. If you’ve not come across this, then please do go ahead and stop reading, but being in property long enough you will have. One thing to take from this? Question everything.


Tips for Scaling your Property Sourcing Business

Gosha Doubtfire / December 14, 2018

When you first embark on a career in property sourcing it can prove challenging enough just to find deals and set them up. But, as time moves on and you gain more experience, at which point, your enjoyment of it will be enhanced too, then you might want to consider really getting stuck in. By that, we mean considering setting up a new strategy - one which is aimed at accelerating growth.


Things to Consider When Looking to Set up an HMO in London

Gosha Doubtfire / November 26, 2018

For all you HMO daddy’s and r2r moguls you’ll know all the new laws which have come into effect recently. But for those of you looking at HMOs / r2r as a possible strategy, here is an overview of items to consider before taking the leap.


Is the BTL market on the decline in South East London?

Gosha Doubtfire / October 5, 2018

While the property market is stabilising in London, there are certain hotspots that can ride out any uncertainty and these are always worth considering when it comes to investment opportunities.


Why Buy Now in South East London?

Gosha Doubtfire / September 5, 2018

I may be biased, but I love it! Steeped in history and character, you have a real mix of urbanised neighbourhoods and leafy suburbs. There are a couple of things SE London has lacked, though, such as investment in its high streets/social areas and convenient connections to central London, but this is all set to change.


Investing in London

Gosha Doubtfire / August 9, 2018

With the London property market being as big as it is, it's important to stay ahead of the curve in terms of both knowledge on the industry and the locations you work on. This blog will show you how...


Back to School

Gosha Doubtfire / June 28, 2018

This month I attended the property training week at Sourced. Having made the decision to join the Sourced team, I started property sourcing prior to training. My aim being to add value to the property market in my local area. Read on...


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