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The Most Profitable Property Strategies

Jamie Side / February 17, 2019

Not all property strategies are high earners - one strategy may work well for one individual, but prove to be an utter disaster for another investor. Today's blog looks at three high earning property strategies, one of which is for the full time property investor whilst the other two accommodate for those who may work in another field.


Commercial vs Residential Stamp Duty

Jamie Side / December 27, 2018

With the exception of first-time buyers securing a home valued at under £300,001, everyone who buys a property or land in the UK worth more than £40,000 has to pay stamp duty. This blog will the difference between commercial and residential stamp duty as well as all the calculations involved.


Why Invest in Milton Keynes?

Jamie Side / November 19, 2018

Having celebrated 50 years of innovation and success last year, Milton Keynes has already made a promising start for the next 50.


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