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What Type of Exit Strategy is Best Suited to you?

Jan Murray / February 21, 2019

There are a number of different ways an individual can exit their business. Some of them are planned, others – such as liquidation or illness – unpredictable. The type of Exit Strategy you choose will depend on various factors. Today's blog will look at the different types of investment strategies to find which one best suits you.


What Basic Insurance Does Your Property Business Need?

Jan Murray / January 29, 2019

Insurance is an area that every individual involved in property (particularly as a business) should think very carefully about. This blog will look at landlord and property investor insurance and why your property business may need them.


How to make the most out of relationships with agents

Jan Murray / January 16, 2019

There may be a proliferation of property portals online selling and letting out properties, but the estate agent is still the person nine times out of ten that you have deal with in order to get through to the seller. That’s why building up good relations with a handful of local estate agents in your chosen location is crucial for success. This blog will look at how to get the most from your estate agent contacts.


Why Do You Need an Accountant in Property

Jan Murray / November 12, 2018

You wouldn’t get a lawyer who specialises in company law to represent you at a murder trial (we’re speaking hypothetically, of course). So, why would you go to a general accountant when it comes to getting your property books in order?


Points to Avoid When Looking for a Conveyancer

Jan Murray / November 2, 2018

Looking for a conveyancer? Well don’t fall into the same trap as others when it comes to choosing who is going to manage that expensive property transaction of yours. This way, madness and additional expense lies.


Best Way to Invest in 2018

Jan Murray / September 27, 2018

More secure than stocks and shares (which can prove extremely volatile), property investment is a fixed asset - which is why most investors are happier to go down this route.


Why Invest in Bradford?

Jan Murray / August 14, 2018

More than £75 million is planned to be spent in regeneration projects in the city, including the restoration of the former Odeon Cinema, relocation of the market area, a ‘city village,’ rail station upgrade. Meanwhile, the council continues to market its £25.3m One City Park business site. Read the full blog to find out more about what makes Bradford such an investment hotspot.


Why Leeds should be at the top of your property investment list

Jan Murray / April 27, 2018

When Marks and Spencer first opened its doors in 1884 in Leeds, few would have predicted the city’s stellar growth as an urban investment honeypot. But it has grown exponentially and Leeds is now rightly regarded as one of the UK’s prime property investment opportunities. This blog will look at more recent investment in Leeds as well as other reasons why the area is such a hotspot.


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