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SDLT on Additional Residential Homes

Katherine Bianchi / February 2, 2019

Since April 2016, Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) has been due on second homes in the UK. Referred to as the Higher Rates on Additional Dwellings (HRAD) for tax purposes, it’s due on all second homes which are valued at £40,000 or more. This blogs explains the tax in more detail and also covers exceptions to the HRAD rule.


How to Use SPV in Property Effectively

Katherine Bianchi / December 4, 2018

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a particular type of limited company or joint venture partnership – a one-off entity set up for a particular reason (i.e. one, single project, such as for the purpose of property investing or a particular property development, etc).


It’s Your Patch

Katherine Bianchi / November 22, 2018

When you come to work as a property sourcer, how do you decide on which location to work in? Well, because it’s essential that you know the area you’re operating in inside out, it makes sense to work somewhere local to yourself – or at least somewhere you’ve spent a lot of time in.


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