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SDLT on Additional Residential Homes

Katherine Bianchi / February 2, 2019

Since April 2016, Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) has been due on second homes in the UK. Referred to as the Higher Rates on Additional Dwellings (HRAD) for tax purposes, it’s due on all second homes which are valued at £40,000 or more. This blogs explains the tax in more detail and also covers exceptions to the HRAD rule.


How to Use SPV in Property Effectively

Katherine Bianchi / December 4, 2018

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a particular type of limited company or joint venture partnership – a one-off entity set up for a particular reason (i.e. one, single project, such as for the purpose of property investing or a particular property development, etc).


It’s Your Patch

Katherine Bianchi / November 22, 2018

When you come to work as a property sourcer, how do you decide on which location to work in? Well, because it’s essential that you know the area you’re operating in inside out, it makes sense to work somewhere local to yourself – or at least somewhere you’ve spent a lot of time in.


What is an Off-Market Property?

Katherine Bianchi / October 3, 2018

A property that is described as ‘off market’ is, as you would no doubt suspect, a house or apartment which hasn’t been advertised publicly online or in any estate agent’s property listing. What that means, is that Joe Public never gets even the sniff of a potential deal.


A Guide to Property Taxes

Katherine Bianchi / September 3, 2018

In the UK, property owners are hit with some of the highest taxes around. Certainly, that was the case when the government’s influential think tank, The Policy Exchange, revealed its findings five years ago.


Why Invest in West London

Katherine Bianchi / July 18, 2018

An area of London famed for its cosmopolitan mix of residents, friendly communities and some of the best transport links in the capital, West London provides many impressive property investment hotspots.


Why West London is Your Top Pick for HMOs

Katherine Bianchi / July 16, 2018

Also known as Houses of Multiple Occupation, HMOs are extremely profitable - provided you use the correct invDeriving far more income than the conventional buy-to-let investment, this is a popular way for property investors to make a large income in a short space of time. estment strategy.


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