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Trusts and Inheritance Tax

Lucy Gaskell / February 27, 2019

If you’ve worked hard at setting up a successful property investment business over the last decade or so, then the last thing you’ll want is for a huge chunk of it to go to HMRC in the event of your death. Therefore, today's blog will explain why using a property trust may be the more beneficial option for you.


Financial Advisers - What Do They Do?

Lucy Gaskell / January 22, 2019

A financial adviser aims to make sure you invest your money to suit your lifestyle plan. He or she can help you better understand your finances and suggest different financial products to match both your short and long-term targets. In doing so, they can help you draw up a lifetime financial plan. This blog will look further at what financial advisers do, especially in terms of the property market.


Pros and Cons of different company structures in property

Lucy Gaskell / December 28, 2018

When it comes to deciding the type of structure you would prefer for your property business, then of course, you need to go through the pros and cons of each. Even if you’re thinking of remaining a sole trader. For the purpose of this article, we’re looking at three main types of structure: a sole trader, a limited company and a Limited Liability Partnership (LLB) plus we’ll also look at how tax applies to each.


Why Relationships with Local Estate Agents are Invaluable

Lucy Gaskell / December 13, 2018

The better your relationship with an estate agent, the more you’ll learn about properties and why they’re on the market in the first place. This could give you more of an idea about a realistic price to offer. For instance, it could be that a business has gone under and the owner is looking for a quick sale, or the vendor has relocated and wants the property off their hands ASAP. Having this type of information at your fingertips could prove invaluable.


The Best Property Podcasts

Lucy Gaskell / October 12, 2018

We all have such busy lives these days that it’s often just not practical to plan to listen or watch a much-loved programme at a particular time. Today, many of us are turning to podcasts to fill our daily commute with entertainment.


How to Find an Investment Property

Lucy Gaskell / September 17, 2018

When embarking on your property investment career, you’ll want your first property to be selling for less than neighbouring apartments or houses are valued at. If that’s not possible, then you’ll want at least one that suits your particular property investment strategy.


A Guide to HMO Licences

Lucy Gaskell / August 24, 2018

A HMO - or a House in Multiple Occupation - has for some time now been one of the biggest earners for property investors - simply because you have more tenants and therefore more rental income coming in each month. This blog acts as guide regarding all things HMO to help you invest more effectively in the future.


How Has Brexit Affected the Property Market in the UK?

Lucy Gaskell / July 13, 2018

With less than nine months to go before the UK officials withdraws its membership from the EU, how has that decision affected our homegrown property market?


Investing in Salford? So You Should

Lucy Gaskell / June 27, 2018

Sitting right next door to the city of Manchester, Salford is one of two cities and amongst a handful of towns collectively known as Greater Manchester – and which in turn is happy to promote itself as the UK’s second largest urban economy (dwarfed only by London).


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