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What is an Exit Strategy and Why Have One?

Mike Hill / February 22, 2019

An Exit Strategy for an individual is a plan for him or her to leave their business. It could be that this will be achieved when they finally retire, or, as is more likely the case these days - thanks to the government increasing the pension age - planning to retire earlier. This blog will look at the importance of having an exit strategy.


Top Property Metrics and Analysis Software

Mike Hill / February 12, 2019

When it comes to investing in property, there are a number of metrics you can track. These let you know whether or not that proposed deal of yours is as attractive as it appears on paper. Today's blog looks further into different types of metrics to help explain their value.


A Commercial to Residential Property Strategy

Mike Hill / January 21, 2019

This blog will look at the benefits of turning commercial property to rental property as well as what types of commercial property to look out for.


How to be a Goal Master

Mike Hill / January 14, 2019

The beginning of the new year is the best time to write down your property goals for 2019. Goals are an important part of any property sourcing business. This blog will look at how to set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.


Networking is Necessary for Success

Mike Hill / December 26, 2018

You can have a great ‘feel’ for what properties will sell, as well as which particular sectors they would slot right in to. But you really won’t get far in this business unless you’re prepared to get out and meet other people within the industry. And of course, you wouldn’t just meet with them - work out who you could work with and then you can begin to build a foundation of contacts for your future in property. This blog will explain why networking is necessary for success.


Why Invest in Serviced Accommodation?

Mike Hill / November 15, 2018

As with just about any industry you think of out there, technology has transformed the way the public interacts with it - to the extent that the industry itself has altered, very often beyond recognition.


8 Tips to Find a Good Solicitor

Mike Hill / October 26, 2018

Word of mouth from family, friends and colleagues is usually a good recommendation that a solicitor knows their stuff. Just make sure that whoever’s judgement you’re trusting has used that solicitor in the last couple of years - or knows someone who has.


Best Property Networking Events

Mike Hill / October 16, 2018

Interested in property? As a landlord, hands-off investor or maybe even a property sourcer? Then you’ll find that networking can be crucial to success. Why? Read on...


How to Invest in No Money Down Deals

Mike Hill / October 1, 2018

A ‘no money down property deal’ can cover a range of areas (such as getting people to invest in you via Crowdfunding and Peer2Peer Lending or a Rent2Rent strategy). Another way is to buy a property without having to put down a deposit.


The Best Property Search Tools

Mike Hill / September 18, 2018

When it comes to looking for that all-important property to invest in, there are various ways to find it. You can do it online, face-to-face, by direct mail or by simply putting out the feelers and hoping a contact will get back to you.


Why Invest in South Liverpool?

Mike Hill / August 28, 2018

Named one of the ‘big 5 cities to watch in 2018’ according to property index HomeTrack, Liverpool’s property market is undoubtedly going from strength-to-strength. This blog will look into the reasons why Liverpool is a city you should definitely keep your eye on.


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