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How Trusts can Benefit you as a Property Investor

Mush Fazel / February 26, 2019

A trust is a fund you contribute money, shares or property to and which will usually be paid out to a named beneficiary on the event of your death. In today's blog we will look at the role of the trustee, the benefits of a trust and the types of trusts available.


Tips for Choosing an Accountant in Property

Mush Fazel / January 31, 2019

Property businesses are crying out for reliable accountants. Not only are they able to advise you on whether or not your profit and loss account can ‘take’ your investment of another buy to let - essentially that same accountant will be able to advise you about where tax comes in to play. This blog will look at how to find an accountant, the qualifications you would want your accountant to have. and how much they should be costing you.


Which Type of Property Management Company to Choose

Mush Fazel / January 1, 2019

Hiring a property management company helps to alleviate responsibilities such as finding tenants for your property, carrying out credit checks and to showing them around. Leases and inventories will also need to be signed and witnessed. It’s likely that there could also be ongoing maintenance issues to organise, like regular boiler and gas checks. But who should that someone be? Should you, for instance, sign up with a small, independent, maybe even family-run business? Or what about going with one of the big names in the business?


Adding Value to a Property (for Experienced Individuals)

Mush Fazel / November 23, 2018

How do you make that property that is worth at least £20,000 (and that you’re really keen to sell) more than it’s currently valued at?


The Best Property Investment Strategies of 2018

Mush Fazel / September 21, 2018

If you’ve just entered the world of property investing, you may be a bit unsure which of the many strategies to adopt. Should you go for HMO’s, for instance, or straight-forward Buy to Let.


How to Choose Your Property Survey

Mush Fazel / August 17, 2018

So you’ve spotted a property that looks like a great investment. Before going ahead though, you’ll obviously need to get a survey completed. But which kind?


Commercial v Residential Investment Properties in Birmingham

Mush Fazel / July 20, 2018

Commercial property investment involves investing in office space, retail and industrial buildings then letting them to companies, whereas residential property investment (buy to let) is strictly buildings to live in where property is rented out to individuals and families.


Buying Off Plan in Birmingham - Rhyme and Reason

Mush Fazel / June 14, 2018

Buying a property or portfolio of properties “off plan” remains a popular investment strategy and for many good reasons.


Property Investment in Hull – The Time is Now

Mush Fazel / June 4, 2018

While Birmingham still remains one of the property hotspots within the UK, we have discovered that the Port City of Hull seems to be one of those hidden property hubs where good yields are still possible along with the market moving upwards.


Booming Birmingham’s Big City Boost

Mush Fazel / April 27, 2018

Welcome to the Sourced Birmingham blog. Let me explain why I think that Birmingham is such a wonderful place to invest.


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