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How Your Rental Income is Taxed

Sourced Scotland / July 11, 2019

All buy to let landlords have to pay tax on the amount of income they receive from tenants who are renting out their properties. Certain expenses can be offset against this figure, such as landlord insurance, letting agent’s fees, accountant’s fees, service management costs and software costs.


Location, Location, Location

Sourced Scotland / June 14, 2019

The type of property investment strategy you choose to embark upon is often very much location-dependent. And, to this end, it is essential to consider your target market and their wants first, before you start looking at any properties – or even a map.


A Guide to New Builds

Sourced Scotland / June 10, 2019

When investing in New Build properties, there are a number of avenues you can pursue. You could, for instance, buy a newly built apartment from a brand new development.


A Beginner’s Guide to Property Sourcing

Sourced Scotland / May 29, 2019

Property sourcing could be finding property for a particular buyer, then selling it on to him or her, all nicely packaged Or, it could be simply sourcing the property, then looking for a buyer to sell it on to at a later stage, in line with what you’re looking for. Read more here...


A Guide to Chain Breaking in Property

Sourced Scotland / April 10, 2019

A property chain involves a number of property owners being ‘linked together’ in terms of buying and selling each other’s property. Today's blog will look at the reasons why property chains get broken as well as how chain breaking (saving) property strategies work.


Exit Strategies for your UK Property

Sourced Scotland / March 22, 2019

When planning your long term business goals, you should have a plan for each decade, and where you want to be by the time you expect to retire - this is also known as an exit strategy. In fact, you should be seriously considering this exit strategy, even if you’re just starting up your property business. Today's blog will look at different exit strategies and the pros and cons that come with them.


Unnecessary Yet ‘Worth Considering’ Property Insurance Extras

Sourced Scotland / March 6, 2019

For many landlords, letting out a property and receiving monthly rent may be your sole income. So, it makes sense to protect any investment by taking out insurance right? Today's blog will look at property insurance extras which may be worth considering depending on your circumstances.


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