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Large Refurbishments - A Guide for Aspiring Property Developers

Susan De Mey / March 3, 2019

A large refurbishment is more or less a total makeover of a property. A small-scale version involves perhaps adding an extension or re-roofing, but with a large refurbishment, you can probably expect to be doing all of these things. Today's blog will look at how to carry out a large scale refurbishment as well as tips on how to do so.


Problems with Property Management Companies, and How to Overcome Them

Susan De Mey / February 19, 2019

Property management companies can come in handy for any landlord, especially those who are really busy. However, what isn’t fair is when the property management company you hire doesn’t pull its weight, isn’t transparent enough or simply doesn’t come across as trustworthy. This blog looks at the issues with Property management companies and how to overcome them.


Why Invest in Exeter?

Susan De Mey / January 25, 2019

In 2019 more than £300 million is planned to be spent on redeveloping Exeter town centre. Funded by the council, the reshaping of the heart of the city will include housing, retail opportunities, offices and restaurants. This blog will uncover the other reasons that make Exeter an investment hotspot.


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