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Capital Growth vs. Rental Income

Vijay Sharma / February 24, 2019

Capital growth is the amount of money that your property accrues as time goes on. The longer you have the property for, the more capital growth you’ll get. This is in comparison to rental income which provides small payments of rent per month rather than an accumulation of increased value over time. This blog will look at the benefits and drawbacks of both capital growth and rental income.


Why Invest in Uxbridge?

Vijay Sharma / January 19, 2019

There are many reasons why Uxbridge has started to become a popular location for investors. An example of this is the Israeli property investor was quick to see the buy to let potential when he paid £43 million for ownership of a 148,000 ft² office campus in the town. Read the full blog to find out more about why Uxbridge is such a great place to invest.


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