One Small Step for Sourced, One Giant Leap for Regent Plaza

Stephen Moss / March 29, 2019

So it’s official we are on site in our latest development, Regent Plaza Manchester. Well in honesty we started on site three weeks ago, but I got the opportunity to visit the site yesterday with the project management team to see the demolition taking place.

For any readers that aren’t aware of the location, Regent Road is the main road going in to Manchester from Liverpool, once developed Regent Plaza will be the first development you see as you approach the city.

Incidentally the demolition coincides with the work of the council in widening the walk ways and junction on the corner of Oldfield road. The investment into the infrastructure is what helps continue to fuel the growth of locations like this making a more pleasant and enjoyable place for people to live, visit and work.

Back to the action…

The demolition team is lead by an experienced site manager, Tony Bilbao. Tony boasts over 30 years’ experience in the demolition industry and has completed hundreds of site clearances. You can find out more about Tony’s experience in his onsite video interview which will be available next week.

Following a full health and safety brief, we were taken around the site to see how the works are coming along.

The site previously housed several warehouses and a public house. The public house has already been removed and reduced to the foundation slab ready for phase three of the demolition.

The existing warehouses are old buildings with asbestos roofs which meant specialist licencing and removal processes were needed and put in place. The team have already cleared one of the warehouse roofs and are on target to have the second removed by the end of next week.

As the team finish the removal of the final roof a second team have begun knocking down the roofless structure bringing in heavy machinery making the task look effortless.

As a developer this is one of the exciting stages of any build because it is the first step in progression and bringing the site to life. In the next couple of months, the area will be cleared of all buildings and foundations. At this point you will be able to grasp just how big the site is and the layout of the five luxury blocks.

Over the next coming weeks, we will be releasing interviews with key members of the project, if you have any questions or queries about Regent Plaza or purchasing a luxury apartment off plan, please contact

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