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Ryan Brown / January 15, 2019

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If you’ve already tried a little sourcing online, then you’ll be aware that property portals and websites change regularly. Such is the fast-moving state of technology these days, that new features are added almost daily. As far as online sourcing goes, this is fabulous. Why? Well mostly because it makes your own sourcing simpler and faster, which means that ultimately your searches are more efficient.

Keyword search is your best friend

One major website that has been upgraded in recent months is Rightmove. Their new keyword search function means it’s easy to search for a particular type of housing in your chosen location. To look for title split properties, for instance, all you need to do is type in your location, go through to the listing page, then click ‘types of properties’. For the latter, select the type of house e.g. terraced, detached etc. then go to keywords and do two separate searches for ‘flats’ or ‘apartments’. The results will show all properties with flats within them – it’s an excellent method of finding title splits.

You can also use these keywords to search for auction properties, existing HMOs, refurbs etc. You could even type in ‘corner’ and find some promising properties with gardens large enough to build another house in the garden.

Websites that save us hours of online time

Online property sourcing has really advanced in recent times – certainly in terms of the amount of information available about properties. Since the EPC register was made public online a couple of years ago, it’s been possible to find out the square footage of property, its condition and its ratings. Prior to this, we’d been reliant on estate agents putting that information on – and they didn’t always have the time to do it.

Data from The Land Registry is also a huge help in the sense that we’ll know from the outset whether or not a property is going to be a good fit for our strategy.

Propertydata.co.uk is excellent for finding out what properties sell and rent for in particular locations. Zoopla and Rightmove now use it to provide information for investors alongside properties. Speaking of the two biggest online property portals, in order to deal with the huge amount of properties they list daily, it’s a good idea to sign up to a daily email. That way, you’ll only be notified of the newest properties for your particular search terms, meaning you won’t spend time looking at houses you’ve already seen.

More sourcing sites to check out

● Check out the sites of individual commercial property agents. They don’t advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla. There’s often room for negotiation here too, because the properties have been on for so long;
Renovateme is excellent for those looking to make money in property, by adding value then selling on or renting;
Landinsight.ie has a mapping system that shows every property and land in the area, also whether or not planning permission has already been granted;
Auction sites always advertise their listings online – but you don’t have to wait for the auction to put in an offer. Auction website Iamsold allows you to purchase a property right away;
Repossession alerts could allow you time to negotiate with the seller;
Gumtree and spareroom have sellers you may be able to work with directly.

There are so many avenues online for property sourcing today, that the best thing you can do before you start is limit yourself to one or two strategies – otherwise it could all become ridiculously overwhelming.

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