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Andrew Culverhouse / March 12, 2019

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Dunstable is a growing market town to the west of Luton in Bedfordshire. As the name suggest, Dunstable is one of many towns in the country that have built up around a market. Although the market is no longer as big or as important to the town as it used to be was, local trade and retail are still deeply embedded in the town’s culture are very important. This is proven by the £3m invested in the high street by central Bedfordshire Council over the last 2 years.

The investment in the high street has included improvements to pedestrian zones and traffic management through the town. A number of shops have also been given grants by the Central Bedfordshire Council to improve the frontage of their premises, which in turn has helped to improve the overall look of the high street. This investment in the high street has seen the number of empty shops half in the last 2 years bucking the current trend along a lot of other high streets in the country.

Central Bedfordshire Council are looking to continue with this investment, in the high street knowing that a vibrant high street increases the opportunity for work for local residents. As well as the investment in the high street area, Central Bedfordshire council have welcomed the development of 2 large distribution centres that have been acquired by Amazon - showing that Dunstable is an attractive location for even one of the world’s largest business.

As well as the investment relating to retail, the council have also invested just shy 0of £40m in a new link road to link the main industrial area (Woodside) with the new £162m Highways England A5-M1 link road. Both of these roads opened just under 2 years ago and have helped to reduce the traffic and especially HGVs, through the main high street again improving that area for pedestrians and shopkeepers. These 2 new roads are also one of the reasons that Amazon chose to locate 2 distribution centres in Dunstable as it gives them easy access to the M1.

The construction of both of these roads have also opened up access to a 630-acre area of land to the north and East of Houghton Regis, which Central Bedfordshire council have allocated for the construction of approximately 5600 new homes. As well as these homes, there are also plans for retail, leisure and offices facilities. It has also been confirmed that a 1 million square foot distribution centre for Lidl is also to be constructed in the area. There will be provisions for local amenities such as 3 new primary and 1 new secondary school, doctors’ surgeries, open spaces and public sports pitches.
All this extra development is estimated to create an extra 2450 permeant jobs and 2550 temporary construction jobs. This shows that with the support of Central Bedfordshire council, Dunstable and the surrounding areas are due to grow and prosper in the coming years. All this growth, development and investment will also create some great opportunities for both developers and investors to take advantage of.

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